No more corporate welfare

$32 trillion stashed last year in overseas accounts.

$32 trillion, almost twice our National debt.

All because of very convenient and lenient tax codes. Wonder who is responsible for those tax codes?

Just think, much of that $32 trillion includes clusters of welfare, which if utilized properly, could have been used to pay decent salaries and would have kept millions of minimum wage employees off the welfare rolls.

Even by paying livable wages, these corporations could still be the wealthiest in the whole wide world.

Approximately $280 billion is supposedly lost in tax revenue to the countries that as Trump says, are eating our lunch.

The same countries that Trump, Romney and others are making great. You all do know that the cap (Make America great again) that Trump is wearing is made in China.

Those countries are the ones getting great and our country getting racism and bigotry. Using a little common sense, why is it more justified for the wealthy to get much more welfare, on top of their huge profits, than their measly-paid employees.

A writer mentioned that Bernie Sanders, a top Presidential candidate, calling him the candy man cause apparently he was going to give and drain our country with more debt for free college, health benefits and etc. Bernie Sanders is talk-ing about closing the tax code problems along with preventing corporations from relocating overseas.

Just think, the worthless and costly Iraqi war, with trillions wasted, if prevented, could have accomplish many of Sand-ers’ significant benefits for citizens of our country.

On the subject of candy bars, if 12 candy bars were made available to everybody, the wealthy would grab 11 and the working poor would share the last one. Gives great meaning to the famous quote by George Lopez, “lick it and pass it.”

Welfare for the wealthy is apparently the way to go and mostly to the top 1 percent, which is ending up in offshore ac-counts. If you work for a living, ask yourselves who’s on your side or do you want to support the party that make other countries great.

Happy New year.

Juan Gonzales