Commission to consider keeping police drop-in station at Valle Vista Mall

HARLINGEN — Police want to keep a presence at Valle Vista Mall.

Tomorrow, city commissioners will consider the police department’s request to keep its Drop-In Station open at the Harlingen shopping mall.

As part of an agreement, the police department pays the mall $1 a year to lease a storefront that has served as a substation since 2013, City Manager Dan Serna said yesterday.

“It provides police presence at the mall and provides overall security operations,” Mayor Chris Boswell said.

Sgt. David Osborne said police no longer staff the substation but continue to patrol the mall.

“It’s worked out well,” said Osborne, a department spokesman. “The mall is a high traffic area in our community. The mall sees petty crimes — petty theft. Having officers in the mall is a deterrent.”

Police also use the substation as a staging point to launch community awareness events such campaigns showing the importance of child safety seats.

“It’s just another way for the community to reach out to us,” Osborne said.