Maybe things will get better

I had to pick up some medication at our local VA Clinic and was I in for a surprise – there were four windows open, with four individual VA employees behind every one ready to serve any veteran.

I went to drop off a prescription and there are two places to drop off prescriptions and two to pick them up. It was great. In the past there is only one person there and he is not happy because all the veterans standing waiting in front of him are not happy campers.

We have a new man who replaced the past CEO Robert Walden. We now have a gentleman named J. Perez as the new leader. Maybe things can get better and we can be treated like regular patients in any clinic.

In the past from what I have been told by many VA employees is that the administration is the problems and treat the lesser employees with out respect they in turn get into bad moods.

I hope this letter is printed in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville. If you VA employees are having problems with your higher ups, feel free to contact me and I will take the information much higher up and no one will know anything. I do not care if physicians or nurses will be written up.

It is my greatest desire that this clinic be a place where it is not scary to go to where no one will talk down to you. Even if it is a provider where the VA pays they need to treat us with respect.

I hope Mr. Perez has a great stint here in the Valley. You veterans do not forget I am still here. I can still help out with VA claims.

I got the evil pneumonia recently and I am toward the end of this horrible illness. Last time I was at the Clinic I was offered the flu and pneumonia shot and I took them both.

We older guys need to listen to medical providers. This illness is horrible I felt like I was suddenly not going to be able to breath. That is a very ugly sensation.

Chills, sweating coughing constantly then you hear a very horrible noise in your chest. Please listen as I am not exaggerating. You will not like any part of this.

Happy New Year to everyone and lets make 2016 a good healthy year.

Fred Rendon Jr.