HARLINGEN — It was supposed to be just another New Year’s service for the parishioners at Faith Pleases God Church.

The sermon was being televised as people waited for the first day of 2016.

Around midnight New Year’s Eve as church members celebrated with each other, fireworks were being blasted outside.

However, it turned out not just fireworks were being shot off.

Someone, somewhere outside the church fired gunshots into the air to celebrate, as well.

At least two of those bullets crashed through the church ceiling and fell into the service. More than 50 people were inside.

Nobody would have even known — if a bullet hadn’t fallen near one parishioner.

She heard something fly past her head as she walked through the sanctuary during the service.

She even noticed the ceiling tile move.

Young children were close by and when she looked to the floor, she saw one bullet lying there.

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