Let’s bring in the New Year healthier

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution?

I definitely do every year. I believe that many of us do.

Unfortunately, not all of us are actually able stick to these resolutions.

Here is an idea, make your resolutions and if they do not work out you can always get back to them at any time of the year. Never give up. It is never too late to have a new beginning. Being healthy is always a good idea at any time of the year. According to Google, the definition of healthy is “in good health.”

Most of us are familiar with that definition. Google gave another definition that caught my eye. It states that healthy also means “not diseased,” “normal, natural and desirable.” While some diseases are uncontrollable, there are others that we acquire due to the way we take care of our body throughout our lives.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death by unnatural causes; excessive alcohol consumption is one of the major risk factors. Other ailments linked to alcohol consumption are alcoholism, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and breast cancer.

This being said, the American Heart Association cautions people not to start drinking. We, at Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas, challenge you to start off the New Year alcohol-free. That is just one step closer to being healthy and happy.

Elizabeth Urbina Prevention Specialist Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas