Student assistance easier with new amenities

HARLINGEN — Harlingen school district’s seniors are pouring into their schools’ College and Career Rooms in droves.

That’s quite a development considering they opened only this year.

Previously, the rooms were much smaller and had fewer services. Perhaps the most notable difference now is the presence of the professional college advisors, people who are trained specifically for that purpose.

HarlingenHigh School and Harlingen High School South each have two counselors in their College and Career Rooms.

“They are doing fabulous work advising them,” said Alicia Noyola, chief academic officer.

The presence of the advisors represents a major shift in the district’s process for guiding students through their high school academics and advising them as they apply for college. Until this school year, high school counselors served both roles. Now they can focus specifically on high school academics while the advisors take students through the next step.

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