HARLINGEN — Shops in the business of printing signs have been pretty busy lately.

That’s because of the new open carry gun law.

If business owners want to ban open-carry guns from their premises, they are required to have signs posted at entrances — in English and Spanish.

If they want to ban all guns, they must have four signs.

One to ban all concealed guns, one to ban all openly carried guns, and both signs must be in English and Spanish.

The signs must be in accordance with the law — specifically, Texas Penal Code sections 30.06 and 30.07, said San Benito Assistant Police Chief Michael Galvan.

With all these requirements, which started when the law went into effect Jan. 1, professional sign companies are popular right now.

Both Fast Signs in Harlingen and MJ Screen Printing in San Benito were busy all week preparing and printing signs.

The new law allows residents to openly carry licensed handguns in Texas.

People who openly carry guns are required to have them holstered on the shoulder or belt, Galvan said.

“It should stay in the holster,” Galvan said. “Don’t walk around with your hand on your gun.”

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