Continuing government corruption

Here we go again in this Valley of corruption, sewage which keeps flowing from the political party controlling the Rio Grande Valley.

From cities, school districts and now again from our Cameron County Tax Office. It appears to be that the PRI party, which was ousted from Mexico years ago, swam across and settled successfully in the Valley.

The taxpayers of the Valley need to seriously re-evaluate their allegiance to a party that keeps committing theft and fraud.

The corruption of our tax office is serious in that it bleeds our county of precious funds, which our populace has worked so hard to maintain our county.

Our county tax office is so corrupt that in my opinion they committed fraud and theft of an honorable, disabled Vietnam Bronze Star Veteran of Harlingen. I believe this because he is a friend and I have witnessed his attempts to resolve and regain his home property, which became delinquent as a result of an economic downturn in his life.

To this day, he has not regained his home, even though he attempted to resolve the issue since his economic condition improved. I have been witness to many of his attempts to resolve with the county, to no avail.

Perhaps with this investigation of the tax office, the case of this honorable Veteran can be revisited to attempt some justice.

We have entered into a new election year in which the opportunity is here to clean house of all this vermin, which infests our public buildings. It is time for new, responsible individuals of whatever persuasion to step up and conpete for these offices.

Please remember these individuals in public offices are not our masters as in other Banana Republics. They are individuals placed there by us through the election process and it is our responsibility to remove them and prosecute them if they commit crimes with our tax dollars.

Respecfully, Elias Torres Harlingen