Don’t re-elect

The arrest of Tax Assessor Tony Yzaguirre only enforces my philosophy of never re-electing anyone to public office. Once they learn how to eke out a life through public service they fall victim to being human.

The poor are susceptible to bribery and the rich are susceptible to greed. And when I say poor or rich it doesn’t mean in terms of money. It is about how they feel about themselves. However evidence shows the poor and the rich are more susceptible to crimes.

The poor lose their jobs and the rich buy their way out.

It is the in between with a high moral conscience that make the best elected officials. It is the well educated with an understanding of life that serve their communities best.

So the next time you want to vote for someone, let it not be for the incumbent. Because once they know how to take advantage of the system they get into problems for themselves, their families, and the community.

I am not saying there is guilt or innocence. I am telling you, “I told you so” because I have written about this before.

Santiago Perez, San Benito