Breaking Silence: Yzaguirre says he will be cleared of charges

BROWNSVILLE — Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector Tony Yzaguirre Jr. held a press conference yesterday alongside his attorneys to proclaim his innocence in the criminal allegations against him and to announce the scandal would not uproot him from office.

Standing with his attorneys, retired state District Judge Robert Garza and his son Myles Garza, Yzaguirre asked the public not to rush to judgment until all the facts had been presented.

“I ask that the citizens of this county hold off judgment until all the facts have been presented,” Yzaguirre said at the press conference held in the Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office on East Harrison Street in Brownsville.

Yzaguirre said he planned to continue to work at his office while his attorneys work on clearing him of the charges.

“I will continue to serve this office and the citizens of Cameron County until I am acquitted of all these allegations,” he said.

Because Yzaguirre is an elected official, the Cameron County Commissioners Court cannot remove him from office. Had he been an appointed official, they could have taken some type of action following his Jan. 6 arrest.

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