Hugh Ramsey Park to remain closed for improvements

Planned improvements to Hugh Ramsey Nature Park in Harlingen will take several more weeks to complete.

The Texas General Land Office awarded the city a $158,000 grant to improve the Arroyo Colorado Watershed’s wetland within the park.

A retention basin is being constructed to collect stormwater runoff that will be diverted into the new, larger wetland ponds.

The parking lot in also being reconstructed by the county.

“These are extensive improvements that will be a tremendous benefit for the community,” said Parks and Recreation Director Javier Mendez.

Construction began last month and is scheduled to be closed until Feb. 1.

A large pipe releases water into a pond at Hugh Ramsey Nature Park in Harlingen Monday afternoon. After a prolonged drought dried the park’s ponds, the city of Harlingen has begun pumping in water to revitalize the parched environment to attract more birds and other wildlife.