‘Medical care is about team work’

HARLINGEN — When the Harlingen School of Health Professions opened, it was surrounded by numerous outlets with which it could connect and power up its program.

The beauty of HSHP is its proximity to the RegionalAcademicHealthCenter and the University of TexasRio GrandeValley, said Veronica Kortan, administrator for organizational development.

“We are right in the medical hub,” Kortan said. “When we talk about professionals coming to the table and helping us design specialty classrooms and to be a part of the curriculum, we are a lot more likely to have somebody that can travel miles down the road to help us.”

In creating the program and orienting students toward the medical field, several talking points emerge, one of them being “team work.” The study and practice of medicine is not a solitary activity. It requires the combined efforts of many people. Surgeons need numerous team members to perform a successful operation. Dentists have assistants as do family practitioners.

Development of a relevant curriculum at HSHP requires the continued efforts of many people.

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