Mercedes students accused of sending terroristic Tweets

Two Mercedes teens accused of sending terrorist messages on social media have been arrested.

The pair are accused of sending Tweets via Twitter wishing for another 9/11 and threatening to shoot at the school.

Mercedes superintendent Daniel Trevino said the teens were pulled out of class Wednesday morning after representatives from Google contacted the school with concern about the tweets.

One students Twitter profile has a photo of him showing off two machine guns.

The superintendent said one student sent a message that he planned to go to the school to shoot it up with his friend. The other commented that he wished for another 9/11

“I hope that these youngsters understand and those parents understand that our authorities are not going to take this lightly,” said Trevino.

The district sent an automated voice recording to all parents today notifying them about the incident.

The teens were arraigned and given a $250,000 bond each.

Dr. Trevino said more security was put in place, but it’s business as usual at the Mercedes school.