Nothing is free

Sometimes it is fun to listen to the candidates almost make a promise to do something. Many seem bent on not doing a lot of things.

Some candidates are running against Obama and some are running against Bill Clinton.

They do not seem to know that those two are not running for president, but it is popular.

Their favorite gag is to vote to repeal Obamacare. They have done it 61 times.

There are a lot of things that will keep our country great. Cutting services is not on the list.

The most cherished campaign carrot is tax cuts. The tax cut is loved by all as long as it is not paid for by a cut of a piece of our personal pie. It would be wonderful if we did not have to pay for anything.

We will always spend money on our country. It only has to be decided on what. We do not decide, the folks we elect, will and do.

One of the best campaign promises so far is a free public college education.

Bernie wants free for all and Hilary does not want rich kids to get a free education.

Dear Hillary, they do now, parents pay, not a problem.

We do a good job now in the vast majority of our public schools up to grade 12. We waste a lot of talent on students that can not afford $20,000 a year on a college education. Not too long ago there was a saying that I am working my way through college.

Not possible today The idea that a student could get a refund for any course that they pass, no pass no refund is a much better investment than just about any other public program. Take a look at the students who graduate from public schools.

We could save a lot of tax money if we made students pay for high school. Sound like a terrible idea?

We do not need to fund room and board. That may not always be necessary and is a doable for a lot of families. That may make it possible for a student to work his or her way through college.

Keep in mind this does not pay for failure. This would not be free. Nothing is free.

We pay billions on prisons that is not free, necessary, maybe not so much. The more we educate our people the less jails we will need.

We seem to see value in prisons but not too many times the public schools.

Prison Investment benefits are temporary and many times worthless. Education is good for a lifetime. Both are for the public welfare. We will never end the need for prisons and we will never end the need for education.

Ask the candidates what their priorities are beside getting re-elected and voting to repeal health care. Ask them what they want to spend your money on because they will spend, that’s what they do.

John A. Chesney Port Isabel