Walmart to close Raymondville store, lay off about 110 workers

RAYMONDVILLE — This city just can’t catch a break.

With an economy still reeling from the closure of the Willacy County Correctional Center last year, Walmart is closing its Raymondville store, laying off about 110 employees.

The store, one of Raymondville’s biggest sources of sales tax revenue since it opened in 2005, will close Jan. 28, Mayor Gilbert Gonzalez said yesterday.

“That’s going to hurt us a lot,” said Catalina Ozuna, executive director of the Raymondville Economic Development Corporation. “For us, it’s a big impact.”

Officials did not have information readily available on the amount of tax revenue the store generates.

But officials projected the store would bank about $400,000 in annual sales tax revenue when it opened.

“It’s going to be a loss in much-needed sales tax dollars,” Gonzalez said.

He said the loss will force city budget cuts.

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