Finding Jesus at local faith conference

HARLINGEN — A faith conference this past week was aimed at sharing the word of God and bringing people to Jesus.

“Its been incredible. People have been coming from around the world,” said Kevin Ortiz, senior pastor at Faith Pleases God Church.

The Harlingen church held its annual seven-day Faith Conference. It drew spiritual leaders from around the world, nation and state to share the word of God with people in the area.

Ortiz said the theme of the conference was creative faith — by believing in God anything is possible.

“We started last Sunday and we’ve been going every night,” Ortiz said. “We would love to see more people come who are really searching for God.”

Ortiz said the conference has gone beyond his desire and God has moved people, helped grow their relationship with God.

Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come of the Cree Nation in Canada closed the conference on Saturday night with his sermon.

Faith Pleases God ended its conference yesterday with its weekly Sunday service at 11 a.m. and conference meeting at 7 p.m.

Evangelist Kelley Leger of Houston was at the conference the entire week sharing stories of the Bible and helping lift the burdens of people by helping them receive God in their hearts.

“Certainly, we’ve seen hundreds of people come through the doors throughout the meetings,” Leger said. “It’s going so well. People here are so hungry and thirsty for Jesus.”

People attended the conference every day for prayer.

“It’s like coming home,” Leger said. “Faith Pleases God Church is amazing. The people there genuinely care.”

Leger evangelizes worldwide. He has known Ortiz for many years. And during the last two years, Leger has attended the Faith Conference in Harlingen.

“We’re letting people know how real God is in Harlingen,” Leger said.

Dr. Mark Spitsbergen attended the event on Friday. He has been a pastor preaching Christianity in California since 1986.

Pastor Imran Fazal from Pakistan attended the beginning of the conference. He evangelizes Christianity to the masses in his home country.

“He’s leading millions of Pakistani people to Jesus,” Ortiz said. “God is really using him there. Millions of Muslims are coming to Jesus through him.”

Faith Pleases God Church is located at 4501 W. Expressway 83 in Harlingen.

It started in the home of the founders Carlos and Aracelis Ortiz in San Benito. Then the church grew and a downtown Harlingen warehouse was converted into a church.

Finally, the church found its home at an abandoned lumberyard off the expressway in Harlingen, which has been the home of the church for more than 20 years.