Harlingen’s own making it big in Ark. GOP Party

HARLINGEN — She’s met all the Republican presidential candidates, attended two debates and will be watching another one live, too.

It’s all part of the job for Sarah Jo Reynolds, who is living her passion and purpose as the new executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas.

The 24-year-old Harlingen native recently was named to the position and loves every minute of it. She took on the position after working with the party for the past three years.

Her quick ascent to the top position in the Republican Party in Arkansas makes her among the youngest and among the few women in the nation to earn that title within the party.

She makes sure to use that to her advantage.

“I don’t have any attachments, so this is my sole focus in my life,” she said. “I can also bring a new perspective and new ideas with new approaches.”

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