I will try to help

Here in Cameron County we have the privilege of having many veterans who will help veterans having problems. It means a lot to have friends in the VA so if they get intimidated by the administrators they can contact us and we can intercept.

Houston Regional, Washington, D.C. and other people who will help us. Our congressman Filemon Vela can push his colleagues into giving the Congress power to overlook the VA without having to worry about PAC for the pharmaceuticals. Kick backs from one doctor to another.

If we do not help ourselves and demand respect, what is to keep us from conducting a peaceful demonstration at the entrances and exits in and out of VA clinics. I will ask permission from the cities involved.

We have too many young men and women who are being disrespected.

We have a new CEO J. Perez. I have called him, but he is too important to take my calls.

I had been telling Houston and Washington we need a Hispanic in a clinic which is 85 percent Hispanics. This is not race, it is equal rights.

Finally we got one and I am still waiting for him to call me.

If we do not help our elves who is going to help us? Notice it has been a while since a veterans has died due to lack of a voucher. We can stop this nonsense.

If you are having problems, call me and let me make a few phone calls.

We can do this but we have to start. Don’t put it off. We are the reason the Veterans Administration was started for.

Fred Rendon Jr.