Saving Walmart? Raymondville residents petition to keep their store open

RAYMONDVILLE — Residents of the area aren’t happy and some have vowed to do something about it.

A petition drive has been launched requesting Walmart to reconsider plans to close its Raymondville store.

The Facebook petition had collected 1,191 signatures as of 6 p.m. yesterday.

Organizers say the petition will go to Walmart President Doug McMillon.

Signatures were still being collected last night.

The petition says the store’s closure would pose a “burden” for residents within a 25-mile radius.

“Think about your customers; think about your committed employees,” the petition states. “As many communities surrounding the greater Raymondville area, we depend on this store. Closing this store will bring (a) burden to many people as many just can’t afford the 30- to 40-minute drive to the next city that has multiple Walmarts.”

But Mayor Gilbert Gonzales said Walmart executives have told city officials they will not reconsider the store’s closure.

Last week, the world’s largest retailer announced the closing of 269 of its least profitable stores in the United States and Latin America, including a Brownsville store on Padre Island Highway.


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