Scarecrow needs a new brain

One local writer claims passionately that U.S firms are holding $32 trillion oversees, “enough to twice pay off our national debt.”

I nearly hit the floor as I know that the Federal Reserve tally of the overseas money is about $1.9 trillion. The $32 trillion is laughable and using this inaccurate “propaganda” to imply that it could bring people out of welfare and provide everyone a liveable wage is an insult to eighth-grade math.

The $32 trillion would give every single American over $1 million, including that raving lunatic, Bernie Sanders.

Where do I get in line? And why should corporations, who are paying “competitive” wages, give away their profits that they earn honestly … just because Grandpa Bernie wants Socialism?

Does Bernie give away his excess money that he doesn’t spend at the end of the year? I don’t think so … why should companies have to? Who is going to pay banks their money back once Bernie forgives all college loans … the tooth fairy?

Someone has to pay or is this just part of that imaginary little fairy tale that liberal politicians tell their flock to spread amongst the ignorant masses? Why do liberals implant this nonsense into young people? Nothing is free and any fool that tells you so is a liar.

Working, saving, investing, planning and a whole bunch of other little things are the key. If you want socialism, hop on a boat to Cuba. Life is hard … get used to it and expecting something for nothing is a foolish proposition. $32 trillion … I’m still on the floor.

Ramiro Ochoa Santa Rosa