Going live: Students learn ins, outs of radio broadcasting

HARLINGEN — They’re learning to make their voices heard.

Students in Mary Garcia’s broadcasting class listened attentively as she explained the steps necessary for creating and editing quick spots on the radio.

“We’re going to do a drop,” said Garcia to a class of sixth graders at Memorial Middle School.

“Do you know what a drop is?” she asked. “A drop is what you hear on the radio between songs. It’s transition. You may have the name of the radio station.”

Garcia, a radio personality on Q94.5, is now sharing her years of experience in radio broadcasting. She has one class of sixth graders and two classes with seventh and eighth graders. The class is only a half semester long, so the current one began this week.

She flipped a switch and a loud “drop” rushed from a speaker, clips of different songs strung together before a high-octane voice declared, “Memorial Raiders Radio.”

The young broadcasters seemed suddenly energized by the quick radio segment.

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