Support Our Local Wal-Mart Friends

The recent news of the closing of over 200 hundred Wal-Mart stores, including two here in the valley, is unfortunate and tragic. This dim solution to Wal-Mart’s quandaries has no merit and can be simply defined as corporate greed.

The citizens of Willacy County will be severely impacted by this action and Wal-Mart has yet to comment on this vital issue. The community of Willacy County cannot afford to lose another chief financial contributor.

Wal-Mart provides essential revenue to the local community and schools; it renders services that citizens would have to travel 15 to 20 miles to receive; and most importantly, it provides desperately needed jobs.

We must all rally around and support our friends who are being affected by this injustice. We cannot keep silent. We must all address this dilemma, and protest in a peaceful, yet effective! manner. I am pleading with my valley friends, family, and neighbors to assist me in boycotting all Walmart stores on Monday, Feb. 1. I am requesting that everyone use all avenues of communication (internet, radio, TV, etc.) to spread the word.

Walmart will hopefully see the err of their decision and retract it immediately. And again, let us support our friends by boycotting Wal-Mart on Monday, Feb. 1.

Thank you, Love Our RGV Rodolfo Sotelo San Benito