City revitalizes city park

LA FERIA — It was once just a flat surface of dirt residents used to walk around for exercise.

The city now has transformed it into a park with so much to do for fun and fitness.

Soon the neighborhood, city residents and even visitors will be able to enjoy beach volleyball, basketball, soccer or even a picnic at Unger Park located at the intersection of West Street and Central Street.

That’s not all.

Children and visitors can cool off with the citrus water sprinklers if they like playing with water.

La Feria City Manager Sunny Philip said the park will be ready in about 30 days.

“There’s some landscaping and last-minute touch-ups it needs before people and kids can go play,” Philip said.

The park’s orange theme stems from the Valley’s rich history of citrus farming and agriculture business.

“Our city is always on the lookout to revitalize and re-energize neighborhoods for kids to play,” Philip said.

The park is equipped with swings, an exercise station, an enclosed basketball court, a small soccer field with two goals, a beach volleyball court and playscapes for children to climb.

“People are anxious to go and play,” Philip said.

The City Of La Feria public recreation site development project was funded with the assistance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the U.S. Department of Interior National Park Service administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Land and Water Conservation funded $100,000 and the city Of La Feria matched $100,000 to fund the project.

La Feria resident Maria Guerrero, 52, said the park is going to be good for the city.

“There are a lot of families that go to the city parks in La Feria,” Guerrero said.

She also said this park will be fun for people to use and is a nice addition to the city park system.