Farm to pre-K: Elementary students interact with agricultural life and animals

HARLINGEN — The young girl stepped forward, brushing wisps of brown hair from her face, and ran her tiny hand across the goat’s brown hair.

She seemed almost lost in the experience for a moment. Perhaps she, like many of her pre-kindergarten classmates at Bonham Elementary, had never had contact with farm animals. Or perhaps she had simply liked petting animals at every opportunity.

Either way, the school’s pre-kindergarten teachers held an “On the Farm at Bonham Elementary” to give the youngsters a one-on-one experience. Amanda Zuniga, a pre-K teacher, said the children had been studying farms, including tools, animals, what they eat and how they’re used for food.

“Some of these children have never been exposed to farm animals,” Zuniga said. “This is hands-on.”

Children from the school’s pre-K classes had gathered on the playground behind the school. Adam and Lori Thompson, co-owners of Thompson Dairy Farms in Bayview, had brought two goats named “Princess” and “Lucky Charms.”

Adam Thompson stood before the children and talked about his goats.

“These are two of them,” he said. “We have over 100 goats.” Gasps of amazement swept through the children.

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