NASA leads teacher training in Weslaco

WESLACO — If teachers were not aware that they could be certified to use actual lunar and meteorite samples in the classroom, they know now thanks to training sessions the school district has organized in coordination with NASA.

Weslaco ISD held its fourth such session on Thursday at its Professional Learning Center, where Brandon Hargis, education specialist for the NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative, instructed teachers on problem-solving techniques and where to find otherwise unknown resources that are available to them.

The goal is to pass on what they’ve learned to their students.

Among the resources available is digital badging, an online delivery method in which teachers can receive micro credentials from peers for their body of work accumulated over time, but it’s the ability to check out moon rocks from the LyndonB.JohnsonSpaceCenter in Houston for instructional use that always piques participants’ interest.

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