Survey gives voice to Winter Texans

The biennial survey of Winter Texans — one of the most definitive sources of data for business and community leaders — is now available for those wishing to participate in the study.

A hard-copy print ver-sion is available in the Winter Texan Times. For Winter Texans with Inter-net access, the same sur-vey can be found online at

The survey that occurs every two years was started in 2006, said Penny Simpson, a professor of marketing at the Univer-sity of Texas Rio Grande Valley and director of the Business and Tourism Research Center.

The more participants in the survey, Simpson said, the better the research.

“This gives the Winter Texans a voice in the community,” Simpson said. “When we can report that their economic im-pact is $800 million annu-ally, it tells community leaders and business lead-ers that this is a serious market that they need to accommodate — money speaks.”

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