Like it really is?

It irks me when our Muslim President (he never renounced Islam) interrupts my television programming to give an irksome speech about how well his loathsome policies have worked for him and against the people.

B.O. tells us we should not blame all Muslims for what a few Muslims do. But since we cannot tell the difference between terrorist Muslims and peaceful jihadists, what choice do we have. If they refuse to police their own members, why not be against all of them until they do. If the American people don’t want Muslims here, why the Hell do we have to have them? Just two of them in Boston and two more in San Bernardino did considerable damage. Why bring in 10,000 refugees possibly containing 10 percent radicals from a Muslim country.

Discriminating is the human thing to do; it’s what most differentiates humans from other creatures. Discrimination is only evil when its target is erroneously chosen, but discrimination is advisable when it targets the source of evil. If Muslims want to stay in this country, they should give up their radicals. Certainly we should not bring any more Muslims here. Their creed (Koran/Quran) clearly states more than one hundred times that Muslims must be at war with infidels (hey, that’s us). Half of this evil book is devoted to how we (infidels) should be treated as inferiors.

No speech is acceptable when it is in favor of a religion which is incompatible with our laws and our Constitution. Our Constitution has errors, and one of them is freedom of religion. No religion which advocates barbarisms while denying equal respect of all humanity can be tolerated in a free society.

No screening is adequate for Muslims from any country. They should be permitted here only on temporary visas for diplomatic/ governmental relationships and educational scholarships only. You don’t make citizens of those whose creed compels them to hate you.

I’m old, you fix it.

Jim N. Taylor, Harlingen