Sanders cares about citizens

Not to make fun or rile up an admirer and one that gave me the courage to write to the editor, but sorry to burst your bubble Ramiro. It is $32 trillion.

For everyone that is in doubt, go to your search engines and click $32 trillion in offshore accounts and check it out yourselves. Make sure you put a pillow on the floor Ramiro or you may land very hard. I sure don’t want you messing up that intelligent head on your shoulders.

Like the GOP, you are trampling down on Socialism for the working poor, but are hell bent on Socialism for the wealthy.

Again, welfare for the wealthy and their offshore accounts are the way to go. Yep, they get to keep most of the candy.

I don’t see how that is making our country great. Maybe our priorities are a little off balance.

I remember when corporations were paying up to 90 percent taxes and the country was in great shape.

Now it’s down to approximately 25 percent, average of top 25 corporations and now they want more cuts at the expense of Social Security, Medicare, education and Veteran benefits.

We only rank 31 in education. Go figure.

Many countries have been having free health care and college and are not as wealthy as our country. Maybe it might light up a bulb in people. Bernie Sanders cares for the wellbeing of our citizens and is actively fighting the owners of the GOP.

He would rather give our kids an education than prepare them for war, the GOP way, or incarceration which is more profitable than an education.

He is mainly focusing on our country’s wellbeing and not like the other party, killing each other with insults and every single one focusing only on war. Working, saving, investing, planning and a whole bunch of other little things is great.

Now tell it to the working poor who make just enough to put food on the table. Seems like you have been baited, hooked and reeled in. Whatever you decide my friend, it’s alright with me. Have a great day.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen