Harlingen police seize cache of drugs, weapons

HARLINGEN — In response to community concerns, the Harlingen Police Department conducted a drug search at a home in a local neighborhood.

The organized crime unit and SWAT team executed a narcotics search warrant early yesterday morning at a home on the 1400 block of Findley Street where they found marijuana, cocaine, money and weapons.

Police Chief Jeffry Adickes yesterday on his Facebook page gave the community credit for alerting the police department.

“Thank you to the Citizens of Harlingen for being vigilant and reporting illegal drugs when they come into our Community,” he said.

All evidence was seized and three adults were arrested. They currently are being held at the city jail.

Their names won’t be released until they are arraigned.

“The destruction, injury, and loss that these drugs can bring to families is devastating and many times irreparable,” Adickes said.

“HPD is committed to our safe city and will always follow up.”

The owner of the home is being notified of the search and that illegal drugs were found.