‘No one wanted to get involved’: Women worried helping shooting victim would get them evicted

HARLINGEN — As four women argued and debated for 20 minutes about what to do, a man lay dying on an apartment floor in the early morning hours of Jan. 20.

Court documents show that’s what happened following the shooting of Brownsville’s Byron Pineda.

New details have emerged regarding the death of the father of three, Pineda, 32, who was fatally shot by a 16-year-old Harlingen teen. The teen’s name is not being reported because he still is a minor.

According to municipal court documents, Stephanie Lee Lopez, 31, Crystal Rae Ramos, 24, Lorraine Camero, 24, Isis Rene Rivera, 33, debated for 20 minutes on what to do with Pineda while he lay dying after being shot in the back at the Rosemont Apartments, 1901 E. Tyler Ave., just east of 19th Street.

Ramos stated she told the other women to get Pineda out of her apartment because she was worried she would be evicted, the documents stated.

“Ramos said no one wanted to take Byron to the hospital because no one wanted to get involved with the incident. Ramos stated that Lopez wanted to leave Byron by the dumpsters,” the documents stated.

“All the girls in the apartment argued and debated about how they were going to cover up the shooting for about 20 minutes while Byron Pineda was gasping for air.”

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