City seeks concerned citizens

HARLINGEN — For every resident who thinks he or she has a better idea of how things ought to be run, now’s your chance.

Officials here are putting out a call for volunteers, hoping to fill 47 openings on city boards, ranging from the advisory commit-tee for the animal shelter to the zoning adjustments board.

Those vacancies are on 15 of Harlingen’s 26 mu-nicipal boards. Almost all are filled with volunteers with some expertise about the board’s mission.

“Board appointments are sometimes difficult to make because you want to find someone willing to volunteer their time and who can contribute a special talent to that par-ticular board,” said Mayor Chris Boswell. “It is not always easy to find the right fit.”

The nearly four dozen openings on Harlingen’s boards seem to be on the high side. By contrast, the city of Brownsville has 21 active committees. It has six vacancies.

Harlingen’s board open-ings, Boswell said, may not be an accurate measure of the reality of the true makeup of those boards.

Some of the “vacancies” are the result of a board member’s term having expired, yet he or she continues to sit on the board and help make decisions until a new board member is chosen as a replacement.

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