Big problems to solve in San Benito

I wanted to attend the Superintendent’s reception held in San Benito recently.

I decided against it because I didn’t want to spoil the party. I had nothing but grim news about this community’s efforts to solve our problems. So I left it for today. I will say it to the whole community.

I believe it’s the community’s responsibility to secure a better future for our young people that currently lived in San Benito. The adults must commit the sacrifices to secure a better future for the next generation for things to become a reality. However, the adults in this community do not want to make such sacrifices.

They want it all for themselves and they want it now.

There is a large group of voters and teachers who want who want to keep things as they are. They want jobs. They want more money. And they want to keep the same people who have kept this district below mediocrity for the past 20 years. This is how long I have kept an eye on this district.

As evidence I bring forth the following.

1. About 10 years ago, the state advised this community that this district was over staffed. Nothing has been done because nobody wants to release employees. I even question their effective because if other districts are doing it with less employees why shouldn’t we do the same. I can only guest they are doing less work.

2. This district’s student scores are below the state average and just below the area average. However, there has been no overhaul of teachers because they have all become buddies. One school board trustee even boasted that about 20 family members working for this same school district.

When you have that many family members working for the district then add close friends, they have built a strong shield for self-preservation. The current school board trustees are no different. So the end result is jobs come first. Education comes in as an afterthought.

3. This school district had a reserve fund of over $15 million for the needs of the school district for education. When the forces that be looked at this, they viewed it as a resource fund for their needs. They decided to go bilk the fund by way of a self-health insurance plan.

I was 99 percent sure the plan was going to fail and I expressed this message but I was ignored. I was the crazy guy ranting. Today I can only say I told you so.

I still feel a crime was committed but everyone is looking the other way. Some sapped the fund for themselves while others lined their pockets. How can 15 million dollars just disappear with no one being fired or being held responsible?

4. The last Superintendent attempted to correct the problem of over hires and he decided to release personnel. At the first opportunity and a misstep by that superintendent he was allowed to leave with no afterthought. All the employees he released were hired back and additional jobs were created. This is the commitment of the current School Board. This is the commitment of the community.

I can go on and on but this letter is getting to long. The end result is that this community is sapping the school district for jobs and titles with no real commitment towards the education of the next generation.

A community is only as good as its people. It’s only as smart as the level of education it gives the next generation.

Today. We have a pile of adults in this community who lack the will to change things. They lacked vision. They don’t have the mettle to be responsible or invoke the virtues that come when providing an education to the next generation.

But I must come to the defense of these people because the problem begun many years ago. They must go back and reflect. But they don’t want to do it. To them today is good. Tomorrow is going to be better as long as we keep our heads buried in the sand and not even know it.

The problem is I don’t see an end in sight. There is no will in the leaders. They want to solve problems with the problems. And the problems want to have their say first.

Maybe this new Superintendent can begin the process to make improvements. I wish him well.

Santiago Perez San Benito