Woodcarvers prep to display pieces at annual show

HARLINGEN — These woodcarvers work all year long carving, cutting and painting all kinds of wood to create decorative pieces.

During the winter, the Chip-O-Tex Woodcarvers get together every Tuesday to peel shavings off of wood until it becomes a masterpiece.

This past week, members of the group made up of Winter Texans met to prepare for their annual show, putting final touches on their works of art.

They made it seem easy as they concentrated on the tiniest wood shavings to give their figurines shape.

“If you can peel a potato, you can carve,” said club member Ralph Saferty. “You just have to start carving.”

This week, the woodcarvers will come together from across the Rio GrandeValley to display their best work.

The club will host its 26th annual Chip-O-Tex Woodcarvers show on Friday and Saturday at Casa de Amistad in Harlingen.

The event is open to the public and is expected to draw more than 1,000 spectators throughout the two-day event.

The faculty band will perform a variety of music, including classical, jazz, pop, rock, big band, piano duets and solos.

Donations will be accepted at the door and will be used to fund the scholarships. The scholarships will go to selected graduating seniors from the school district’s music department who plan to major or minor in music.