In agreement on President

Reference: Concurrence with Jim Taylor’s opinion Kudos to Jim Taylor and his assessment of who our U.S. President really is. I, too, have been of the opinion that he was before his election and still is a “closet Muslim.”

In the news clips this Sunday, President Obama is visiting Mosque. Perhaps to receive a blessing from the Moola for shredding our Constitution and America.

Be aware Mr. Taylor, in my opinion, the IRS Gestapo (alias Black Panther goons) will be coming after both of us with audits, drones, communication spying and with the ladies of the night to tempt us with sex stings.

Do not worry Mr. Taylor, at our age, the last mentioned activity will certainly be a waste of taxpayer monies, which could be better used by our former Slick Willy on loose women.

But, wait Jim, a sex sting attempt could turn into a new career opportunity for us on the prime time garbage TV. Sorry, I was just dreaming, thinking I was still 18.

I, too, am of the opinion that there are many who believe as we do. That our Constitution is under assault by ideologies with intent to replace with a socialist agenda or worse, Sharia Muslim Law. All our beautiful women of our nation should pray that this scourge of Sharia Law never takes hold on our land.

If that day ever comes, their beauty will be sent to the kitchen stove in Black Burka jammies, never to see the light of day. No complaining or your pretty head is chopped of as happens in the Muslim world now. A world from which Hillary receives campaign funds.

There are those who lack the fortitude or courage to support their Judeo Christian faith to oppose this assault on the Constitution and soul of our nation. Perhaps they never really had it. They also may be too hooked on the elite white linen, black tie banquets on one side of the tracks and the fajita and beer pachanga on the other side that keeps them in the corrals like sheep. Not to worry, our Vets with their hearts of gold and backbone of steel with defend that right regardless of which corral you’re going in circles in, being readied for the slaughter.

Please try to see beyond the deception of being played on us through the media. The Presidency of the U.S. is not the only office where we are seeking new leadership. The media and political parties would have you think that. There are many offices from our local levels that directly affect us that are in play.

Case in point, our own mess in the County Tax office. Our state legislators and U.S. Congress are also critical to our nation’s well being.

As we have learned in the last seven years of this administration, our Congress has been so spineless to oppose the trashing of our Constitution. We must discard those who have failed us and encourage and support those that stand and defend our Constitution in whatever party they belong.

Read the party platforms and see if they are your views.


Elias Torres, Harlingen