School district buys land with eye to the future

HARLINGEN — The traffic moves with rapid starts and stops, rushing toward workplaces, post offices, restaurants throughout the city.

People move in and out of IBC bank on U.S. Business 77 near Harrison Avenue, perhaps cashing or depositing checks or opening new accounts. Walgreens and Whataburger also do a brisk business, and a flag waves in front of the Harlingen school district’s Board of Education on Harrison Avenue.

And then there’s the Exxon station at the corner, which the school district purchased in November for $220,000. How it will be used still is under discussion.

Perhaps it will be extra parking spaces for the new tennis courts or Boggus Stadium, or for the administration facilities nearby. Maybe it will become new office space.

Some may question why the district would purchase the property without a specific plan for its purpose, but the reality is these purchases do have a purpose. The purpose just needs some explanation to understand.

The empty Exxon has served for years as a bit of an eyesore, with the blue pumps sitting idle where people once rolled in to gas up their cars. One couldn’t help but wonder why the station had shut down in such a prime location.

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