Americans of Mexican descent most affected by ‘illegal’ immigration

There is no point in me reading Mr. Navarrette’s article, “Trump has a particular ire for minority commentators.”

Like Jorge Ramos, Mr. Navarrette is more an activist than a journalist. They are both activist for the Mexican government and for the never ending tide of illegals to continue.

Seems to me it’s Americans of Mexican descent like myself and Americans from other Spanish speaking countries that are most affected by “illegal” immigration.

Here are just a few examples. Unless a person is fortunate enough to get a government job here in the Valley, (i.e. local, county, state, federal, such as in education, law enforcement, politics etc.) their wages will always be stagnant and on the bottom of the scale.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that an abundance of low-skilled or semi-skilled workers, no matter how hard working they are, will keep wages at or close to minimum wage.

Every single illegal will take a job or benefits or both from U.S. citizens. They know the system and how to take advantage of it better than you or I.

Look up the statistics not just for the Valley, but all the counties along the Rio Grande. We are the poorest, have the highest unemployment, the least educated, etc. etc. in the state and nation.

But then again, illegal immigrants are good for business, more consumers, along with cheap labor.

They’re good for the school districts.

Every student means an additional $7,000 in the kitty. Where or how they get there doesn’t matter. Tax payers will foot the bill.

Illegals in the U.S. are an excellent source of revenue to whatever their country of origin may be. Billions of dollars are sent back home instead of being spent here.

With every passing day and with every new illegal, the Valley, Texas, and the U.S. become more and more like Mexico.

Look at the corruption at every level, the poverty, the unemployment, the l stagnant wages, the huge number of people that can’t speak a word of English, the number of people on public assistance or food stamps.

Give me a break! I was born at night, but not last night.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen