Children will bring history to life

HARLINGEN — Who’s that?


The guy with the glasses and the clothes people wore in the 1700s … Wait a minute. That’s Benjamin Franklin.

And standing over there is Mother Teresa.

But they didn’t even live in the same century. How can they both be here?

They’re both here as part of the Bonham PTA Literacy Night. Actually, this is just a sample of what the public will see at the event Feb. 11. This walk through history will take place at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria of BonhamElementary School at 2400 E. Jefferson Ave.

Laura Juarez, a fourth-grade teacher and secretary of the Bonham PTA, said fourth graders have been researching historical figures. Those people have included former South African President Nelson Mandela, Apple, Inc. founder Steve Jobs and pilot Amelia Earhart. William B. Travis, who died at The Alamo, also will be represented.

“It’s a project with our students involving social studies and language arts,” Juarez said. “We are doing a living biography museum.”

The project at the literacy night will be called “FourthGradeLivingMuseum.”

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