Story of the worker bees

It all hinges on the worker bees.

The worker bees work to stay alive and to please the Queen Bee plus for buying things they need and want. If they earn just enough to buy food and pay rent or mortgages, fulfilling just their needs, (less honey) then there are worker bees that don’t have work because the ones that are working can’t buy the wants they have.

So if the worker bees that are working and earning enough to fulfill their needs and wants, then many more worker bees will have the where with all to provide for their needs and wants. Oh, you ask, where is the Queen Bee, she is the government collecting taxes.

If there are fewer worker bees, less taxes (honey). Yes the worker bees that aren’t working drain a bunch of honey from the system (the hive), those working worker bees have to provide enough to keep the non worker bees from death and off the streets, cause if they were out on the streets it would make our bee hive look depressing and if we let them die the working worker bees would have to take time off for the burials.

That would affect GDP. Isn’t it interesting how it all works.

Tony Bos, Harlingen