New club could ‘rock’ west side

HARLINGEN — It’s something you probably drive past every day on West Harrison Avenue, but you’d be forgiven for seeing the barren lot across from Jano’s Superstore as utterly unremarkable.

But if a local developer has his way, that lot will be transformed into a contemporary architectural jewel, a shining white villa with squares of blue, green and red across the front façade.

Plans have been submitted to the city for a $2.25 million bar and restaurant project that would be located at 1000 West Harrison Avenue.

The vast project would cover 13,800 square feet. Although initially projected to begin construction in October, the empty acreage remains just that — vacant.

The project has been submitted to Harlingen officials, who say they have responded with questions for the developers, and are awaiting answers.

The development company is Monos Properties LLC, which is owned by Luis Alberto Esquivel, who also owns El Padrino Bail Bonds. Esquivel was hesitant to speak about the development last week.

“Right now it’s in the works,” he said, declining to elaborate.

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