Recycling Center offering group tours

HARLINGEN — The city’s Recycling Center is soliciting group tours in an effort to increase environmental awareness and conservation.

The center’s objectives are to expand workplace recycling at school campuses and commercial establishments. The center also aims to increase awareness with public education programs.

“We are extending the life of the landfill, establishing anti-litter programs and encouraging beautification,” City Manager Dan Serna said. “This is our center’s function. The tours are very educational and are a proactive approach to addressing environmental issues.”

John Avilez, the Center’s director, said achieving these objectives not only helps to divert recyclable items from the city’s landfill, but helps to improve quality of life.

“We also want to promote volunteerism to provide a clean and safe environment in which to live in,” Avilez said.

The Recycling Center provides 30-minute to one-hour tours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in partnership with Keep Harlingen Beautiful. Tours may contain up to 60 people.

For more information, or to book a tour, please contact the Center at 956-427-8786.

What the center accepts

Cardboard: Brown corrugated boxes, shoe and food boxes that are either brown or gray on the inside. No boxes with white interior or coated with a wax or plastic.

Newspaper: Entire paper. No plastic wrappers

Paper: Letters, junk mail, school papers, forms and computer paper. No tissues, paper towels or napkins.

Aluminum: Cans only. No aluminum foil or single-use pans.

Steel: Tin cans, wire hangers, miscellaneous small pieces of steel, refrigerators, AC units and washers.

Plastic # 1: These bottles generally include soda, sport drink, juice and water bottles. They are marked with a triangle and No. 1 in the middle. Caps removed.

Plastic Bags: Only grocery-type bags and newspaper bags are recyclable. Bags need to be clean and empty.

Plastic Foam Packing Peanuts: Remove any contamination from the peanuts.

Automotive Batteries: Lead-acid batteries only.

Used Automotive Oil: Household, do-it-yourself, oil changers only. No commercial oil and no oil filters. Oil filters may be taken to most auto parts stores for recycling at no cost.

Styrofoam: Packing material, egg cartons.

Electronic Equipment: Computers and televisions.