Cart Games: Winter Texans zoom through Mardi Gras benefit

RIO HONDO — Driving blindfolded in a golf cart isn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun for some Winter Texans at their annual Mardi Gras fundraiser yesterday.

With his hands on the wheel and foot on the pedal, Jerry Braner was behind the wheel of his cart blindfolded.

His goal, to navigate through a short course of arranged roadway cones. He couldn’t see where he was going; all he was using for direction were Herb Bohnhardt’s vocal signals telling him when to turn right or left.

They made it giggling all the way through, managing to stay on course and not bump a cone.

“It’s challenging, and it’s a lot of fun,” Braner said. “You couldn’t tell if you were moving or not.”

Braner said his sense of controlling the cart went right out the window during the challenge. The number one rule was drivers could not take their foot off the gas.

The golf cart challenge yesterday was the first of many activities set for this week during the annual Mardi Gras events at the River Ranch Resort in Rio Hondo.

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