Hog Wild: Javelina invade Harlingen neighborhood

HARLINGEN — When Gerardo Casillas opens his door at night, he might see as many as 30 javelina grazing near his front yard.

“You come out and it smells like javelina — there’s so many of them,” Casillas said yesterday outside his home at Parkview Terrace.

Since about November, javelina have climbed from the banks of the Arroyo Colorado to graze off fallen acorns in this neighborhood off Ed Carey Drive.

“A lot of javelina come through here,” said Casillas, a businessman who lives at the neighborhood’s entrance. “They get hungry and they come here.”

First, neighbors built a 6-foot-high wooden fence to keep them out.

But then the herd entered through the neighborhood’s entrance across the road from Hugh Ramsey Nature Park.

“We’re overrun by javelina,” neighbor Susan Mann told city commissioners in a meeting last week.

Now, city officials are working with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to keep the wild boar out of the neighborhood.

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