Check out our huge debt

Go to http://www.usdebtclock. org/ and you’ll see that the national debt now exceeds $19 trillion. It was a bit over $10 trillion when Obama was elected and will be more than $20 trillion when he leaves office.

He will have doubled the debt in just eight years, overspending revenue by an amount equal in nominal dollars to all 43 administrations before him plus the Revolutionary War debt that began piling up in 1776 even before we had a constitution. George Washington’s administration assumed that debt when it was transferred from the colonies to the U.S. Treasury.

It took 232 years to pile $10 trillion in debt onto the American taxpayer, and under the Obama administration and the current Republican Congress, that figure will be doubled in a mere eight years, and none of the candidates from either party are offering a fix because any fix they can think of will call for enough citizen sacrifice to sink the candidate’s campaign.

Jack King Harlingen