An eye to the future: Local students experience dissection, learn anatomy

LYFORD — The expressions on their faces said it all.

They were amazed with the inside of an eye and their excitement and interest was obvious.

The 21 Lyford students who participated were junior physics students.

Their purpose — to cut into a sheep’s eye to dissect it in an effort to learn and see how it works.

“These lessons have been designed around what area physics teachers have reported having trouble developing — hands on activities,” said Claudia Gutierrez, Region One ESC STEM specialist.

The activity was brought in through the GEAR UP initiative, which provides a knowledge pipeline to post-secondary success.

“Today’s activity was great,” said Alexandria Lupercio, Lyford High School GEAR UP facilitator. “This is a hard concept for them to understand and I think it will really help them grasp the idea of how an eye works.”

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