Harlingen schools declare Digital Learning Day

HARLINGEN — Digital literacy is a hot item across the country.

School districts everywhere are encouraging students to become more connected with learning in the digital age.

Now there’s even a Digital Learning Day. The Harlingen school district has declared Feb. 17 to be Digital Learning Day in line with the nationwide event.

Superintendent Art Cavazos said the day celebrates the innovative use of modern day technology tools to enhance student learning.

“As we continue to create and expand technology-rich environments, this is a time to highlight the innovative ways technology is being used throughout our district,” Cavazos said.

Dr. Nolan Perez, president of the Harlingen school board, said the digital age has made the world more dynamic than ever.

“We need to prepare our students with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century,” Perez said. “There are great things happening across the nation when it comes to integrating technology into the classroom. Digital Learning Day provides a venue for the exchange of innovative practices in digital learning.”

Instructional coaches are also being recognized on Feb. 17 for their work providing teachers with support and furnishing students with appropriate activities and experiences to fulfill their potential.

“With the celebration of Instructional Coach Day, we recognize them and the part they play in our efforts to develop highly-effective educators for the success of our students,” Cavazos said. “Instructional coaches have a very unique and critical role on our HCISD campuses. They spend a lot of time working with and supporting our teachers as they create engaging lessons that allow students to collaborate, communicate, think critically and creatively.”

Perez said instructional coaches are a great resource for teachers.

“They really have the pulse on what’s going on at the campus level,” Perez said. “They are always monitoring data to ensure we are moving forward with best practices for our students.”