K-9 helping officer keep the streets clean

SANTA ROSA — There is another officer on patrol helping take care of the city, and he is ready to go on a moment’s notice.

Police Chief Ronnie Hernandez brought on Gunner, a 3-year-old male Dutch shepherd K-9 that can sniff out drugs.

He is pretty good at it, too.

“He’s a narcotics dog,” Hernandez said. “He detects marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.”

Since joining the force six months ago Gunner has identified narcotics in suspicious vehicles after being stopped on routine traffic violations.

When Gunner is alerted, he goes right to the drugs and starts biting and scratching where the drugs are.

Gunner also is used in case an officer notices something suspicious or illegal with probable cause.

“We already picked up two people with marijuana,” Hernandez said. “He is ready to go at any time.”

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