Couple exchange vows on Valentine’s Day

BROWNSVILLE — Paul White Jr. wiped away tears from his wife Angelica Medina’s face yesterday morning at the Cameron County Courthouse as Justice of the Peace Linda Salazar officiated their wedding.

Medina, 21, of Brownsville and White, 23, of Jacksonville, North Carolina, exchanged vows while Medina’s mother and siblings looked on, and while White’s parents viewed the ceremony via a live video stream online.

Salazar began the ceremony with some words of advice to the couple.

“Marriage is beautiful guys, but marriage is like playing cards and if you play your cards right you will have many years together,” Salazar said.

For Salazar, the Whites were the first of six couples who had requested to be married on Valentine’s Day.

“It is a very special day for couples. It’s about love and friendship, I try to do it every year,” Salazar said.

Medina and White first met through an online dating service in 2014, while they were living in Florida. After exchanging messages the two met for lunch the same day. Medina said from then on she knew White was the one for her and White reciprocated the affection.

“Her beautiful smile attracted me to her. She stood out from other girls,” White said.

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