School district spelling champion named

For several months, San Benito students had been preparing for the district’s annual Spelling Bee. They studied and practiced spelling words such as tarmac (noun – a road or runway made of asphalt), schnitzel (noun – a seasoned and garnished veal cutlet), and ostensibly (adjective – to all outward appearances).

Sponsored by the San Benito CISD Department of Academic Services, the traditional Spelling Bee provides elementary and middle school students with an opportunity to learn new words, sharpen their spelling and vocabulary skills, and vie for the title of the school district’s top speller.

This year’s competition concluded after eight rounds of competition when Israel Valdez of Judge Oscar de la Fuente Elementary spelled the word Dracula (noun – one who maintains a relationship like that of a vampire toward another by sapping his or her physical or emotional strength), earning him the first place honor.

Second place was awarded to Lindsey Rubi Montemayor of Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary, and Nadia Vasquez of Angela G. Leal Elementary received third place.

Connie Cruz, this year’s Spelling Bee Coordinator and the school district’s Director of Elementary Curriculum, attributes the success of the event to the contestants, their coaches and their parents as well as school administrators and the support staff involved in the planning and implementation of the districtwide competition.

“A successful event requires teamwork, and we have a great team,” Cruz said proudly. “We greatly appreciate absolutely everyone’s hard work, dedication, time, and effort,” she added.

According to Cruz, Valdez will now represent San Benito CISD at the 28th Annual Rio Grande Valley Regional Spelling Bee to be held on Saturday, March 5, at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen.

San Benito students having participated in the 2016 Spelling Bee were the following:

Angela G. Leal Elementary

Amy Lerma

Valeria Ramos

Nadia Vasquez

Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary

Araceli Castellanos

Lily Iliana Marroquin

Lindsey Rubi Montemayor

Dr. Raul Garza, Jr. Elementary

Alejandro Baldelamar

Joseph Guzman

Ed Downs Elementary

Daniella A. Garcia

Ryan Lugo

Lauren Saldaña

Frank Roberts Elementary

Viviana Alba

Manuel Flores

Elian Moa

Fred Booth Elementary

Romaldo Abrego

Diego Hernandez

Evelyn Romero

Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary

Lizbeth Rivera

Israel Valdez

Manuel Villanueva

La Encantada Elementary

Saul Barrientos

Aylin Flores

German Tamez

La Paloma Elementary

Aubrie Agado

Aylin Garza

Viviana Muñoz

Landrum Elementary

Desiree Hernandez

Christopher Ramirez

Josselin Rodriguez

Rangerville Elementary

Derek De Leon

Aralyn Peralez

Mariah Perez

Sullivan Elementary

Priscilla Alcala

Rolando Mireles

Berta Cabaza Middle School

Ryan Gonzalez

Juan Lara

Ayleen Reyes

Miller Jordan Middle School

Jessica Garza

Diana Leija

San Benito Riverside Middle School

Melissa Gonzalez

Anel Martinez