Still here to help veterans

I have had numerous complaints by veterans who are once again being sent to San Antonio for dental problems, and Corpus to the QVT.

I have a veteran friend who was sent to a dental office like the ones in third world countries.

Another cannot hear and has been waiting for the infamous vouchers in order to get the health worked on.

As far as I know, they have not killed any veterans recently due to voucher. However the voucher problem is risen up again.

Why are we sending Veterans to San Antonio? I thought the circus was in the past. The new guy, Perez, appears to be starting off on the wrong foot.

I had a bout with pneumonia a few weeks ago and I went to an outside provider. He gave me an antibiotic and a prescription for a particular antibiotic. I drove from Dr. Mackie’s office in McAllen to the VA Harlingen clinic. I gave the clerk and he told me they did not have that particular medication. I was concerned for my health.

I asked him if they could get the brand the doctor ordered.

No but he had a generic. I drove around and came by and picked it up and headed home. The instructions directed I take the tablet with a full glass of water, I did so.

I live about 7 minutes from the clinic, by the time I got home I could not breath but very little further more I could not stop coughing. Once home, no one was there and I could not drive. I entered my home and it was empty I drank more water but now it was coming out of my nose and breathing small gasps between coughs. I could not use the telephone due to my lack of talking. I knew I was getting ready to meet Jesus in person but it was going to kill my children.

I lost our brother Dennis Rendon Feb. 27, 3:45 p.m. I did not think my 94-year old mother could take my passing and I thought of the finality of death. In that second my wife came in and she saw me turning blue and said I will take you to the hospital.

All I could muster was “ambace.” I was trying to say “ambulance.” I laid back in my chair trying to calm down but I knew I was running out of breath.

Finally the gurney was headed toward me. I was hooked up to oxygen and being calmed by the ambulance EMS, they were great. It was an allergic reaction to the shot or the cheap VA medication. In the event of my death, it would have been administrative death.

If you veterans do not ask for help I cannot help you. One Veteran spoke to me about a Mrs. Sargent and how he has been waiting for a voucher or a call from her She has no business there.

I urge you veterans if you are disrespected, call me and I will get their AMA ID number and file a complaint. They don’t like that.

They prefer you say nothing and put up with their rudeness. Call me and we will see how fast Houston and Washington will get things moving again. Valley do not let the Veteran’s employees treat veterans that way.

The Veterans Administrations works for us. Let me say it again the doctors and nurses and police man work for the veterans remember that. I will help you If I can but you have to call me I do not have your number. The newspapers do have my number. By the way, see what the news media has to say about the wounded warriors.

Fred Rendon Jr.