Freebies plenty for Cubans?

This is ironic. Cubans are coming to the United States asking for asylum. They claim they live in a suppressive regime. The fact is every day they come by the hundreds. The United States just lets them in. Criminals and all.

The United States his number 1 in the total population in prison. We have approximately 2,217,000 men and women detained.

Cuba is number 32. They have approximately 57,337 in prison.

The United States has 698 prisoners per 100,000 population. Cuba has 510 prisoners per 100,000. Worldwide the United States is number 2 while Cuba is number 6.

Here is the ironic part. Cubans are asking to come to a country where the population rate in prison is higher than their own.

They are asking to come to the United States where our government is more suppressive and less tolerable.

Facts are facts. Could it be the freebies? Maybe they want to be part of our national debt?

Santiago Perez, San Benito